The Wake


Anders-Peter Andreasen
Sonny Tronborg
Bent E. Rasmussen
Merete Nørgaard
Steen Møller Rasmussen
Christian Lemmerz
Thomas Bo Larsen
Elina Løwensohn
Michael Kvium
Dino Raymond Hansen
Niels Olaf Gudme
Robert Grant
Dror Feiler
Anja Farsig
Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir
August Engkilde
Claus Christensen
Sarah Boberg
Lars Beyer
Rikke Louise Andersson

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Finnegans Wake


Jacob Thuesen

(Supervising Editor)

Jacob Thuesen, born 1962, studied science of film at Copenhagen University (1984-1987). Educated as film editor at the National Film School of Denmark (1987-1991). Co-owner of the post- and production company Tju-Bang Film (1997-). He has directed 2 documentaries: ‘Under New York’ (1996) and ‘FCK - Last Chance’ (1998) and edited the following: ‘Heart & Soul’ by Tómas Gislason, ‘Haiti. Untitled’ (1996) by Jørgen Leth, ‘The light on Mykinos Island’ (1992) by Ulla Boje-Rasmussen and ‘The Candidates’ (1998) by Jacob Kvist & Michael Kristiansen. Jacob Thuesen also edited the feature films: ‘The Kingdom’ (1994) by Lars von Trier, ‘The Dimension’ (1994-) by Lars von Trier, ‘Case Story’ by Thomas Vinterberg. ‘Credo’ (1997) by Susanne Bier and ‘Wild Flowers’ by Niels Gråbøl.