The Wake


Anders-Peter Andreasen
Sonny Tronborg
Jacob Thuesen
Bent E. Rasmussen
Merete Nørgaard
Steen Møller Rasmussen
Christian Lemmerz
Thomas Bo Larsen
Elina Løwensohn
Michael Kvium
Dino Raymond Hansen
Niels Olaf Gudme
Dror Feiler
Anja Farsig
Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir
August Engkilde
Claus Christensen
Sarah Boberg
Lars Beyer
Rikke Louise Andersson

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Finnegans Wake


Robert Grant

(Line Producer)

Robert Grant, born 1952, has been working with a broad range of film activities from special-effects to chief property man, set designer, director of cinematography, line producer and producer. Robert Grant has worked with nearly all types of film: Company profiles, educational films, commercials, music videos, feature films, short films, TV fiction and documentaries. Among his film productions the following can be mentioned: The feature films ‘Christian’ (1989) by Gabriel Axel, ‘Russian Pizza Blues’ (1992) by Steen Rasmussen & Michael Wikke, ‘Belma’ (1995) by Lars Hesselholdt and ‘In China They Eat Dogs’ (1998) by Lasse Spang Olsen, the short film ‘The Weather Forecast’ (1993) by Bent E. Rasmussen and also the TV serials ‘Det Gule Hus’ (1997) by Lars Christiansen and ‘Ad Nye Veje’ (1998) by Jesper Hildebrandt and Robert Grant.