The Wake


Anders-Peter Andreasen
Sonny Tronborg
Jacob Thuesen
Bent E. Rasmussen
Merete Nørgaard
Steen Møller Rasmussen
Christian Lemmerz
Thomas Bo Larsen
Elina Løwensohn
Michael Kvium
Dino Raymond Hansen
Niels Olaf Gudme
Robert Grant
Dror Feiler
Anja Farsig
Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir
Claus Christensen
Sarah Boberg
Lars Beyer
Rikke Louise Andersson

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Finnegans Wake


August Engkilde

(Composer & DJ)

August Engkilde, born 1971, is bass player, DJ, composer and producer. He can be heard on 16 electronic and jazz releases, both as sideman and bandleader. Most important releases in his own name are: ‘Band of Inner Urge’ (Storyville STCD4210), ‘Police Beat Box’ (Cheap,cd7,lp33), ‘Mobile’ (Cheap) and ‘Warum sollten wir Angst vor großen Tieren haben?’ (MusicsystemM). He has worked as a producer on several releases and owns the BIOBAS music studio. In 1997 he formed the label MusicsystemM in collaboration with the art group Superflex. This label only releases experimental electronic music and manipulated animal sounds. Superflex and August Engkilde have done several art installations together as well. August Engkilde is working on a new release with his band Elektrazz also including Kruzh’em and V-Brain.